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More Than a Certificate...

While conveying the sector experience of many years to our valued customers, we also aim to establish an organic bond with you. We see you not as a customer, but as a traveling companion. 

On this path, which we set out with the goal that the most valuable treasure is human, we confront the difficulties brought by the service sector and solve your problems with you, our valuable companions. 

While it is our biggest goal to share the happiness of providing the most accurate service in the most reliable way without sacrificing quality, our greatest treasure is to enjoy working with all our stakeholders who walk with us on this path.

With the motto of including you in all this strict team spirit and solution-oriented service, let's become companions and partners as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy
Certplus undertakes to protect the data of its users. This privacy policy details the collection, use and protection of personal information obtained from site visitors. When you log in to the site, you accept the cookie terms of use set out in this policy.

Data collecting
Certplus collects a minimum amount of personal information only for the development of the site and the services provided.
The data collected may include some or all of the information provided when using the site and/or services.

Information Use
Certplus may use the personal information collected by the site only for the purposes detailed in this policy. Personal information entered for any reason is not stored longer than required for the purpose of use. The site owner takes reasonable precautions (such as encryption) to prevent the loss or misuse of visitors' personal information.

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